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Fuller’s Swim School Policies  

Session Changes: If needed, sessions changes can be made depending on our availability, and must be changed at least two weeks prior to your original session start date. There will be a session change fee of $10 per student. Once registered, you are responsible to attend your lesson.

Cancellations and No Shows: We do not offer refunds nor do we re-schedule cancelled or missed lessons. Please schedule according to your availability. No make-up lessons will be offered for missed lessons.

Weather Cancellations: Lessons will not be cancelled for any wind or rain related weather, unless accompanied by thunder and lightning. Lessons cancelled or delayed by Fuller's Swim School will be re-scheduled by Fuller's Swim School but will not be refunded.

Double Diaper Policy: Children in the Mom and Me Class must wear a tight fitting commercial swim diaper as well as plastic pants to each lesson or they will not be able to get into the water. This is a Utah regulation.

Picture/ Video Permission:  

I give my permission for Fuller’s Swim School to take photos and/or videos of my child(ren) during lessons and use them on their website and/or social media pages.