Our Classes

Mom/Dad & Me (ages 6 months & up, must wear double swim diaper)
Capacity: 10

The goal of this class is to become comfortable in the water and have fun with mom and/or dad! Your child will learn how to put their face in the water and will be introduced to front and back floating, kicking, and jumping/diving off of the side of the pool. Note: If your child is still in diapers this is the ONLY class that they will be able to take. Your child must wear a swim diaper as well as plastic pants to each lesson or they will not be able to get in the water. This is a Utah Regulation.

Minnows (ages 3 & 4, must be potty trained, no exceptions)
Capacity: 5

This class is for 3 & 4 year old beginner swimmers who are ready to learn how to put their face in the water, front and back float, kick, and seal dive from the side of the pool & begin learning the basic strokes. Note: Your child MUST be potty trained (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Marlins (ages 5 & up, Beginner Swimmer)
Capacity: 10

This class is for the beginner swimmers who are 5 years olds and are ready to learn how to front and back float, streamline kick with face in the water, and begin learning the basic strokes.This class is also for 4 year olds who know how to swim freestyle. They will also learn how to seal dive off of the wall and jump off of the diving board. **Note: There will be two Marlins classes each half hour. Our ratio is still 5 students to 1 instructor.

Stingrays (ages 5 & up, Intermediate Swimmer)
Capacity: 6

These swimmers MUST be able to hang onto the wall, unassisted in an area of the pool where they may not be able to touch. They also must be very comfortable in the water. They must be able to swim freestyle for 10 feet on their own and back float, while kicking, for 10 feet, unassisted. In this class, swimmers will refine freestyle and add side breathing. Students will also learn and practice backstroke.

Sharks (ages 6 & up, Advanced Swimmer)
Capacity: 8

Swimmers must be comfortable in the deep end of the pool. They must be proficient or have passed off freestyle with side breathing and backstroke in the Stingray wall class or be able to swim both strokes for 25 feet. They will learn two more strokes, the breaststroke and butterfly. They will also learn how to dive off of a starting swimmers block. This class will also cover more in depth techniques of how to swim efficiently and for longer distances. Swimmers will practice all four strokes both the width and the length of the pool in this class and learn how to tread water!

Diving (ages 6 & up, Independent Swimmer)
Capacity: 8

This class will cover the basics techniques of diving off of a 1 meter spring board. In this class they will learn the front approach; to include the foot work and jump techniques off of the diving board. Front dives will be taught in layout, tuck, and pike positions.Students will learn twists dives. Students will also learn front flips and may advance to 1 1/2 and doubles. Students will also work on starting block dives off of the swimmers platform. Students will progress at their own rate and ability levels **REQUIREMENT: Students must be able to swim to the side of the pool after diving and know how to do a seal dive off the side of the pool.

Adult Swim Class 
Capacity: 6

This is a beginner class for adults who want to know how to swim. You will learn how to be more comfortable in the water, how to float, and work up to the 4 different strokes.